Environemtally friendly spill clean solutions


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Welcome to the ecoClear Solutions information page. We are a leading provider of environmentally friendly spill clean services and products. Our goal is to provide the very best in organic and recyclable spill clean absorption, containment and disposal solutions using chemical free super-absorbent natural raw materials. We pride ourselves in high quality control standards the best raw material sourcing and specialist production and management teams. Our goal is to always deliver quality efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients time and time again. Here is a summary of our solutions:


Super Absorbents


ecosorb is our premium brand of super-absorbent powders made from natural minerals developed in three different weights and blends for varying industries and applications, as follows:

  • Ultra - for indoor organic and general liquid and semi-liquid spill clean-up
  • Typically this blend is used for Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hospitals, Shops and Schools.
  • Prime - for outdoor and indoor hard surface fuel and chemical spill clean-up
  • Our medium weighted blend is commonly used for Petrol Filing Station, Factory, Refining & Chemical Plant and Motor trade garage spills of oils, diesel, petrols and chemicals.
  • Max - for outdoor uneven, irregular and ground based contamination clean-up
  • The heaviest partical blend is ideally suited to tackle contamination spills on land, i.e. farmland, park land, inner city or rural areas or effluent based spills and overflows that have contaminated the land. This product can only be used as part of a wider clean up and decontamination solution usually requiring machinery, groundworks and earth decontamination techniques.

Recyclable Card Products


Purecard is our eco-frienly recyclable and disposable brand of spill collection products. Produced from already recycled cardboard our products use either a slot and tongue construction system or bio-degradable glue to present a range of products from card-dustpans and scrapers to sealable pop-up boxes. As our card bio-degrades, all products can be disposed of as part of normal refuse collection and land-fill (depending on materials/liquids collected whilst in use) or disposed of specifically for card recycling if free from contaminants post use.

All products are delivered in a flat pack arrangement to minimise cost and storage space and are easily and quickly constructed by the user.

Recommended to be used in conjunction at home or in the work-place with ecoClear's ecosorb absorbent powder Most common uses are:

  • liquid and semi-liquid spills (petroleum, oil and organic)
  • broken glass breakages with or without liquids
  • sharp object breakages
  • organic mixed liquid/solid spills