Environemtally friendly spill clean solutions


  Reducing the impact on our eco-systems

About ecoClear

As a leading provider of eco-friendly spill-clean solutions, we take pride in offering the best environmentally sound spill containment, absorption and disposal solutions to minimise the impact on local eco-systems as much as possible.

In contrast to the usual chemicals and non-degradable compounds used in the spill clean sector, ecoClear provide organic, chem-free, biodegradable solutions for indoor and outdoor liquid and semi-liquid spills. So whilst the spill may be hazardous, the means ecoClear use to clean up the mess is as organic and recyclable as feasible for the requirement.

From refineries to petrol filling stations, major fuel spills to localised contamination, factory floors to hospital wards, small shops to supermarkets, or home garages to small businesses; whether your requirement is large or small, our solutions and experts can provide the resources you need to get the spill cleaned efficiently, safely and cost effectively.